PASTICCERIA POPPELLA, Naples - Totò’s bakery and its “snowflake”.

PASTICCERIA POPPELLA, Naples - Totò’s bakery and its “snowflake”.


The famous Poppella bakery, located in the pulsating heart of Naples since 1920, has chosen Giorik quality to maintain its reputation for culinary excellence. An oven from the new Easy Air Touch range has recently been installed in the Poppella kitchen by F.lli Angelo of Naples, the local Giorik dealer.

Every day Ciro “Poppella” Scognamillo, owner and pastry chef for three generations, and his staff produce a variety of delicious cakes for their customers. Their sweet temptations lure Neapolitans and tourists alike into their shop, including the inimitable “Fiocco di Neve di Poppella” (Poppella Snowflake): a small, soft bun filled with whipped cream, ricotta and custard with a sprinkling of icing sugar on top. The bakery has an interesting history: it appears that the Poppella bread shop, which was opened by Ciro’s grandmother and then became a bakery, was frequented by none other than Totò, “prince” De Curtis, who was born twenty or so years before in the next road along, via Santa Maria Antesecula, in the Sanità district.

Pasticceria Poppella Facebook Dealer: Fratelli Angelo

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