Cooking magic - Hi-tech salamanders deliver measurable cost-savings and optimise working time.
1.High heat-yield elements reach cooking temperature in record time.
2.Up to 79% energy saving.
3.Reduced cleaning and maintenance time.
4.Less heat loss to the environment.

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Download brochure Hi-Lite
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No more time wasted in the kitchen, up to 79% energy saving and extremely easy to clean.
Manufacturing and operating features:
• Exclusive heating system with the elements housed in a special reflecting ceramic dish and protected by a glass diffuser that increases heat transmission enabling cooking temperature to be reached in just 8 seconds.
• Cooking surface with stainless steel grill in Gastro Norm sizes 2/3, 1/1 or 4/3.
• Control panel with a digital display for setting cooking times from 5 seconds to 15 minutes, in 5-seconds steps. At the end of the programmed cooking cycle, that can be stored in the memory for instant repetition, the Hi-Lite model has auto-stop function with warning buzzer.
• Stainless steel wall mount supplied as standard.


• Heating element on/off button.
• Start-up/repeat button for pre-set cooking cycle.
• Stop cooking/turn-off buzzer signalling the end of the pre-set cycle.
• Digital display showing the remaining cooking time.
• Set-timer knob, from 5 seconds to 15 minutes in 5-seconds steps.
• Appliance on/off knob.

Heating Elements

Hi-Lite salamander heating elements can be used in two different combinations.
1- In the 2-element (SH20) version the elements can be operated at maximum temperature, either both together or in alternating mode.
2- In the larger versions (SH30 and SH40), all the elements can be operated at once or only the central ones. When in use at maximum heat, the central elements are electronically regulated in alternating mode to guarantee even cooking and avoid over-heating.

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