The hi-touch salamander takes hi-lite technology one step further. It now responds to human touch.

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Manufacturing and operating features.
Hi-touch has even more high-tech features than the Hi-Lite Plus.
• Touch-screen panel responds to the touch of a finger.
• A choice of 3 different operating modes:
1.COOK: for cooking food according to the timer settings.
2.HOLD: to maintain the dish at a stable temperature. 1 to 8 settings for temperatures between 40 and 70°C.
3.PROGRAM (P1, P2 and P3): cooks and then maintains food at the set temperature. Settings can be stored in the memory.


• Appliance on/off.
• Cook/hold cycle start/stop.
• Selector for timed cook mode or indefinite hold mode, manual operation. When the program has been changed, this can be used to switch from the cook to the hold setting and vice-versa.
• Set cooking time, a maximum of 20 minutes in cook mode and select the hold temperature, with 8 temperature settings between 40-70°C.
• Select and set cooking programs. Appliance in ON or STOP position. A quick touch selects the program. Hold down longer to enter program change mode, then another quick touch saves the current settings.
• Heating elements on/off.

Heating Elements

Hi-Touch heating elements can be used in two different combinations. Either all the elements or just the central ones can be used.
When in use at maximum heat, the central elements are electronically regulated in alternating mode to guarantee even cooking and avoid over-heating.

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