Atelier Amaro - Warsaw, Poland

Atelier Amaro - Warsaw, Poland


Giorik is making its entrance into the award-winning kitchens of Atelier Amaro in Warsaw. Wojciech Amaro Modesto, Chef and owner of the restaurant, is an institution in Poland. In 2013, his Atelier was the first Polish restaurant to receive the prestigious Michelin star. Since then, it has continued to notch up more awards each year. His menus are inspired by “Nature’s calendar”, and their ingredients always feature the very finest produce Poland and its biodiversity have to offer. The herbs and flowers that grow spontaneously in the Polish forests are skilfully harnessed to create a unique style in the kitchen, giving rise to ambitious, innovative dishes that continue to surprise the Atelier’s diners. Chef Amaro has a pioneering vision of contemporary Polish cuisine, and from this point onwards he will also be able to depend on Giorik’s quality in his kitchens.

Atelier Amaro


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