Kore is able to concentrate maximum efficiency in the smallest space, guaranteeing the same performance as a mixed oven. It adapts perfectly to those commercial activities with a high quality offer but with limited space availability, it is an efficient multifunction and compact oven. Available in three versions:
B - 7’’ Touch screen with high efficiency steam generator
I - 7’’ Touch screen with direct injection

Brochure Kore
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Giorik has patented a steam production system that allows the size of the steam generator to be limited in a very small space compared to traditional boilers. This uniqueness, combined with the extraordinary characteristics of the High Efficiency steam generator, allows the presence of the boiler in the Kore ovens. Gas versions are also available that mount special burners that optimiSe the combustion process.

Compact: With boiler in 519 mm of width
High performance: high yield premix burner;
Reduced consumption: high efficiency boiler;
Intuitive: easy to understand touch screen controls for the entire range;
Easy to use: hundreds of pre-loaded recipes ready for use and easy for starting all the cooking programmes


The unique humidity control system (Giorik Patent) allows you to monitor the climatic situation within the cooking chamber and to promptly intervene to always maintain the correct degree of hydration. This is possible thanks to software that analyses the reference parameters in the chamber, implementing the steam production or humidity discharge adjustments necessary to guarantee the ideal conditions for every type of cooking.


Steam tuner, steam modulation - In Kore ovens it is not only possible to calibrate the QUANTITY of steam that is introduced into the cooking chamber, but it is also possible to intervene on its QUALITY. This is possible thanks to the use of a system that allows you to modulate the level of hydration of the steam by calibrating the correct degree of dryness or humidity based on the type of cooking you require (Giorik Patent).


RH / LH door - Kore lets you decide the opening direction of the door, inverting it as you choose. This can also be done after installation simply by replacing the door with one having the "opposite" side opening.
The doors, entirely built in Aisi 304 stainless steel, allow the opening of the internal glass to facilitate cleaning. The presence of low-emissivity glass reduces the surface temperature of the external glass and, decreasing the heat dispersion, increases the thermal efficiency of the oven itself.
Easy access to the compartment containing all the electronic and electromechanical components is ensured through the possibility of removing the front panel, ensuring maximum ease during maintenance operations.


All the Kore models are equipped with touch screen display that allows easy viewing of the functions and icons, in particular
B - 7" Horizontal Touch Screen with high efficiency steam generator
I - 7’’ Horizontal Touch Screen with direct injection (Instant)
M - Mini Touch with 5’’ Vertical Touch Screen with direct injection (Instant)


The washing system differs according to model.
B and I Models - All B and I models are supplied with automatic washing. Moreover, the presence of the closed circuit allows the use of liquid or solid detergent (tabs); the intuitive interface allows you to easily start one of the 4 washing programmes. Available on request, a shower can be applied externally to the oven
M Models - All M models are also available with automatic washing on request; the intuitive interface allows you to easily start one of the 4 washing programmes. Available on request, a shower can be applied externally to the oven.

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