Hi-lite plus

Two even more hi-tech models.
Fitted with the same specially-designed elements and the same manufacturing specification, this high-tech model has some amazing extra operating features.

Download Brochure Hi-Lite Plus
(pdf 1490 Kb)


DISH DETECTOR: an electronic control receives the start-up signal, switching the elements on simply by touching with the dish the bar above the grill surface. When the plate is removed, the appliance immediately returns to the STOP position. The appliance can still be started or stopped manually at any time.
HOLD: this operates the side elements in alternating mode so that a dish that is ready maintains the temperature reached in the previous cooking cycle. It is possible to choose from 8 temperature settings, between 40 and 70 °C. This setting is maintained indefinitely until interrupted manually.


• Heating elements on/off.
• Selector for timed cook mode or indefinite hold mode.
• Cook/hold cycle start/stop.
• Time/hold setting display.
• Set cooking time, maximum 20 minutes in cook mode in steps of 1 seconds, and hold mode selector with 8 temperature settings between 40-70°C.
• Appliance on/off.

Heating Elements

The elements can be used independently. When in use at maximum heat, the central elements are electronically regulated in alternating mode to guarantee even cooking and avoid over-heating.

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