Mini Touch is the name of the revolutionary compact entry level by Giorik.
This range has been fitted with and intuitive and innovative touch-screen control panel which makes it possible to use preloaded cooking programmes and easily to upload recipes. It’s the perfect appliance for business with limited space and demand of an easy to use, multifunctional oven!
Compact only 519 mm of width
Reduced consumption: low electrical consumption;
Intuitive: easy to understand touch screen controls for the entire range;
Easy to use: hundreds of pre-loaded recipes ready for use and easy for starting all the cooking programmes

Brochure Minitouch
(pdf 1351 Kb)


MiniTouch is available with an intuitive 5" graphic touch-screen with an innovative design. The touch-screen control panel makes it possible to use preloaded cooking programs and to upload recipes from a USB key. It can store programs with nine cooking phases, control the relative humidity in the cooking chamber, offering three different fan speeds, cooking with an inner probe and low temperature cooking with Delta T setting.


The unique humidity control system installed in MiniTouch ovens enables constant monitoring of the climatic conditions in the cooking chamber and prompt action can be taken to maintain the correct degree of hydration.
Humidity is evacuated through a butterfly valve that extracts any excess in the cooking chamber quickly and completely thanks to the air suction system. This valve is only opened when needed, thus preventing the unnecessary escape of heat.


Users are able to save time by starting up their favourite recipe with just one move.
The oven is capable of saving up to 9 cooking programs, which can be selected from the existing programs provided by Giorik or created at will during use by entering personalised settings. All these can be activated directly from the OneTouch screen in one simple move.


RH / LH door - MiniTouch lets you decide the opening direction of the door, inverting it as you choose. This can also be done after installation simply by replacing the door with one having the "opposite" side opening.
The doors, entirely built in Aisi 304 stainless steel, allow the opening of the internal glass to facilitate cleaning. The presence of low-emissivity glass reduces the surface temperature of the external glass and, decreasing the heat dispersion, increases the thermal efficiency of the oven itself.


The Rack Control enables different dishes to be cooked at the same time at various levels. What’s more, with EasyService, a new Rack Control function, all the dishes can be served at the same time.

Cleaning system

The cooking chamber automatic cleaning system is available on request. This system offers four cleaning programs to meet specific needs: soft, normal, hard and rinse only. The automatic cleaning system guarantees maximum hygiene in the cooking chamber with minimum water consumption.

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