Giorik fittings for the kitchens at the 1st Bikegrill in Lombardy. A service station open to bicycles: this is the basic premise behind the Bikegrill at Cene located on the wonderful cycle-path of the Seriana Valley. The well-equipped “bike assistance” area sees bike racks, tyre pumps and a workshop centre supplying puncture repair kits, pumps and inner tubes instead of the traditional petrol pumps one might see at motorway service stations. Yet the Bikegrill at Cene is more than just a technical pit-stop; it is also an eatery. The obligatory “gastro-pub” is perfectly suited to the green surroundings which make for a perfect coffee break or a light snack, not to mention a lunch for the many cyclists using the cycle path to recharge their batteries. All of the very highest quality: a professional chef will always be supervising the kitchen. The premises have been entirely fitted out with Giorik equipment by Dama Srl of Bergamo, Giorik’s area partner.

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