FURN BISTRO & BAKERY - Westin Hotel Bahrain

FURN BISTRO & BAKERY - Westin Hotel Bahrain


Giorik has notched up another brand new, top-flight installation for the enchanting FURN BISTRO & BAKERY. The elegant restaurant is located inside the Westin Hotel, the futuristic hotel set right in the heart of Manama, capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

A salamander from the Hi-Touch range is in fact now at the disposal of the Chefs at FURN BISTRO & BAKERY, and is ready to be used alongside the venue’s prized traditional Arabic oven. FURN BISTRO & BAKERY offers sophisticated cuisine, skilfully blending the authentic flavours of traditional Khaleeji cuisine (in Arabic, literally meaning “of the Gulf”) with original influences from the finest international gastronomic traditions. In this case, the quality of Giorik’s equipment will once again be bringing efficiency and versatility into the kitchen, to showcase dishes that will be traditional yet innovative at the same time.

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