Giorik has sealed a major business deal by acquiring Lewiatan as a client. The long-standing Polish supermarket chain numbers a total of 2,700 stores located throughout Poland. Giorik’s introduction of the ROOSTER BOOSTER onto the Polish market was the factor which helped seal this partnership between the two companies. The oven is part of the Steambox family, and is purposely equipped for cooking chickens. The first ROOSTER BOOSTERS were initially tested in the field before being certified at Lewiatan. Thanks to Poznan-based company Lorien, Giorik’s area importer, supplies of equipment for the Polish market instantly got underway. ROOSTER BOOSTER harnesses all the potential offered by the Steambox range to roast poultry quicy with outstanding results. The presence of the BOOSTER, the microboiler patented by Giorik, makes preparation and temperature restoration times lower than average, ensuring chickens can be cooked in just 32 minutes. This shorter cooking time means the meat loses less weight, remaining softer and juicier. 

Sito Lewiatan Importe: Lorien Group Poznan

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