Andalusian cuisine is typical in south-western Spain. It features spicy flavours, steeped in centuries of culinary tradition, infused by all the peoples and cultures that have inhabited these lands.  This gastronomic culture can be summed up in full by savouring its “tapas”. From today, a mouth-watering new interpretation can be enjoyed at SLOWBAR - LA BERNARDA, a brand-new venue located in Seville’s historical centre. Countless types are available, including all the great classics: chopitos or puntillitas, tiny fried calamari, carne mechada, tenderest meat cooked over a gentle heat, boquerones, white anchovies served pickled (en vinagre) or fried (fritos), and bacalao, stir-fried cod generally served with bread and tomatoes, to name but a few. Giorik has completely fitted out the kitchens with the UNIKA range of hob equipment and STEAMBOX ovens, and was chosen precisely because of its ability to showcase the authenticity and flavours of this inimitable cuisine. Giorik’s Seville-based partner, Neve Kosma, oversaw the fitting of the kitchens.

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