The Platter at Hotel Cozi Wetland, HONG KONG

The Platter at Hotel Cozi Wetland, HONG KONG


Giorik kitchen equipment has been installed at “The Platter”, the panoramic restaurant of the Hotel Cozi Wetland in Hong Kong, located at the entrance to the Wetland park in the city. Two ovens from the Steambox Evolution range have been fitted at “The Platter” to assist the chefs in their preparation of the different types of cuisine that are served in the restaurant, ranging from local Cantonese specialties to international dishes, with Mediterranean cuisine a firm favourite. International cuisine features a lot on restaurant menus in Hong Kong, as it is a multi-ethnic melting pot which has been the nerve centre for trade between Asia and the rest of the world for centuries. The city has an exciting and cosmopolitan food scene and “The Platter”, with its Giorik equipment, is one of the top spots to enjoy it.

The equipment was installed by Pacific Foodservice Equipment Co. Ltd.

Hotel Cozi

Importer: Pacific Foodservice Equipment Co. Ltd.

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