GAST EXPO, 01-04 February, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

GAST EXPO, 01-04 February, Ljubljana (Slovenia)


Giorik is set to participate in the 11th edition of GAST EXPO, scheduled for the first week of February. This significant food-sector event is being held at the Exhibition and Convention Centre, the outstanding trade fair located in the heart of Slovenia’s industrious capital city.  The historic and geographical nature of Slovenia has meant it has always been key crossroads for trade between the west and east of the continent. To this day, the professional catering equipment market sees many European players arranging to meet at GAST EXPO to network and renew partnerships. Against this backdrop, Giorik will be taking part in the event along with importer Gastronorm. Its aim is to consolidate its position in the Balkan economic market, which has seen a return to strong and secure growth in recent years.

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